A Great Question to Ask Students Every Day

    I recently read this great post from David Truss, who I have followed and connected with for several years. This portion resonated:
    I used to ask my kids, “what was your favourite part of the day”, then I added “Who did you help today?” And as I mentioned in the post reflection:
    It was only a matter of weeks before my oldest daughter’s ‘favorite part of the day’ was also the answer to ‘who did you help today’.
    A question like this is so much more powerful than, ‘What did you do at school today?’, or ‘What did you get on your test?’, or ‘Did you have fun?’ Simply asking the question, “Who did you help today?” tells a kid what you value.
    You can read the whole post here.
    I honestly don’t have anything else to add because David’s post just resonated with me so profoundly.  The question, “Who did you help today?” is one that would make such a difference in classrooms and schools. Obviously, kindness is not the only thing that we focus on in education, but it is becoming more relevant to focus on than ever.


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