A World Class Education?

    The term “world class education” has been something that I have heard several times this summer in my travels, and I appreciate so many teachers, schools, and districts setting the bar high for themselves.  When the highest expectations that are set upon you are from yourself, the chance of disappointing others becomes minimal.
    In a few events, I have asked the groups that I have worked with, straight up, “Do you want to provide a world class education?” Emphatically, they all said yes.
    I followed that up with, “If you want to provide a world class education, you will have to look at what the rest of the world is doing.”
    It is easy to think you are doing “world class” work if you only look within.
    The beautiful thing about our world today is that any teacher can find other teachers, doing their job right now, and learn from them. Any administrator can do the same.  A world class education system should not be reserved for a few schools, but something that we all have access to create if we so choose.
    Organizations must not only open to learning from others but themselves as well.  The access is there, we just need to take advantage.


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