“Appeal to old and new…”

    Yesterday I saw this picture of the Pope in a “selfie” that has been blowing up all over the Internet:

    As someone who is not Catholic, the new Pope has been impressing me with his humbleness, leadership, and how he connects to a different generation.  Not just a “new” generation, but a world that thinks and connects differently.  Doing a little bit of research on this picture, I found an article with a great quote below:
    So it’s really no surprise that a group of teens wanted to grab a selfie with the man; he’s changing the face of the Catholic Church into something attainable, something relatable that has appeal to old and new generations alike. He’s figured out that in order to reach people, he might have to log on to Twitter because that’s how some of his target audience communicates. It was an intelligent, strategic move that’s only had positive results.
    If you took part of the first sentence, and changed a few words, is this not part of a goal we should have for schools?
    …he’s changing the face of education into something attainable, something relatable that has appeal to old and new generations alike.
    You can see a shift happening in some of our most traditional institutions and it is pretty amazing to watch.


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