Focused On Who You Serve and Your Why

    Wow…that story opened my eyes.
    A few reminders from this story about leadership and anyone trying to help people deal with change:
    Even when you are trying to do something good, people will find flaws.
    When others see that you are trying to do something good, people will especially look for flaws.
    A consensus is hard to build and no matter what decisions you make. Not everyone will be on board.  If your focus is on the people you serve, then you will be okay.
    This is not about being open to criticism.  I think when we challenge the ideas of others in the pursuit of finding a better way, this is essential to the growth of our organizations and individuals.  I recently saw a quote (I can not find the source but just know it is not mine), and it said something along the lines of, “When we look to have a discussion, we are in the pursuit of better ideas, but when we look to argue, we are looking for a winner and loser.”
    One last reminder…you can’t change people.  You can only create conditions where change is more like to happen. Let your light shine bright and stay focused on those who you serve and why you do what you do.


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