I encourage people to challenge me in my workshops, and share their frustrations and hurdles that they have to jump to get to the next level.
    This one amazing lady shared this with me.
    She said, “You know every time I learn something new in my work as a teacher, all of a sudden there is something else new. I get so frustrated because I feel I am always starting over again.”
    First thing I said to her, was that I loved her for being so honest. A lot of people feel this, but not all people were open enough to say it.  After that, I told her that I wanted her to think about something.
    “What would you say if a grade 2 student said, ‘you want me to learn all this grade 2 stuff just after I learned all of that grade 1 stuff last year?!?!?’  Would you let them off the hook?”
    Her and I (and others) both laughed, yet she totally got the point.  A student moving from grade 2 to grade 3 is often excited, yet a teacher making the same transition does not always share the same enthusiasm.
    What was amazing was that she openly acknowledged that the thing holding her back was her thinking. A beautiful first step to growth in my humble opinion.
    If we think about, learning is the job. How can you effectively teach, if you can’t effectively learn? Yes we will always be inundated with information, and there will always be something new to learn, but let’s expect the same growth from our students that we would from ourselves.


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