Learning Savvy

    I’ve been referred to someone who is “tech savvy” quite often, and to be honest, it irritates me.  It is not that I don’t love technology or think that it is important in our world, but it has never been my focus.  My goal in education was to become an early years teacher, and technology was not something that drove my passions.
    What I am hoping to become is “learning savvy”; someone who understands different ways and opportunities to empower learners at all levels.  
    Should technology be a part of becoming “learning savvy”? Absolutely. There are so many opportunities that technology provides for deep learning both in and out of schools, and to ignore these possibilities, is to take away opportunities from our students.  Technology now provides the world at our fingertips; we would be remiss to not tap into that potential.
    But what I am hoping to do is continuously understand “learning, both with and without technology.  “Tech savvy” has never been my aim.


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