Successful Adaptation

    Have you seen any of these contradictions in schools?
    We need to ask our students to become critical thinkers, but educators need to accept the system the way it is.
    We want students to challenge ideas, unless they are challenging the ideas of why, how, and what we teach.
    The world is constantly changing and we need to teach our learners to be flexible and adaptive, while we are making five and ten year plans.
    Kids should be creators, but adults are good with consuming information.
    Reflection is crucial to a child’s learning, but it is hard to find time for reflection in practice.
    Empowerment is crucial for students, but you need permission to go to the bathroom and use the device that works for the teacher.
    We need to do what is best for kids, without asking kids and educators what that even means.
    A “growth mindset” is crucial for educators, but unfortunately we have to follow this ten year old policy.
    What is important to note, is that this is not in all schools/systems around the world.  Take a look around at so many schools, and the things are doing compared to five years ago, is astounding. Lots of growth has happened.
    This is about challenging the system of “what is”, and thinking about the possibilities of “what could be”.  This is going to take courageous leadership from all levels to develop innovative learning opportunities for our students, and an openness to having our current system challenged.
    So let’s remix some of these statements, and turn them into questions.
    The world is constantly changing and we need to teach our learners to be flexible and adaptive…how we are modelling this in our teaching, learning and leadership?
    We want students to challenge ideas, so how do we promote that within our own classrooms?
    We need to ask our students to become critical thinker…how are we promoting this practice in the way we look at our schools?
    A “growth mindset” is crucial for educators, so how do we become adaptive  and create a system(innovator’s mindset) that is reflective of constant changes?
    While the change in the world is mirroring a google document (constant change, revision, adaptation, and collaboration), we cannot be stuck on a static piece of paper.


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