The Culture You Create

    I have always believed that relationships are the foundation of a great school. It is unlikely that people will really push their learning and be innovative if they do not like the people they are around all day. This is both educators and students. Relationships aren’t everything, but they are the most important thing. Most educators would agree with this point.
    Yet really good relationships are reciprocal as is trust, not a one way street. So look at this sign that I still see in schools and classrooms today (not everywhere but in many of places).

    Think about this picture. This goes beyond having a mobile device. This says before you walk in the room, “I don’t trust you”. That is a powerful statement to make in a school where many believe relationships are so crucial.
    Will some students use devices inappropriately? Yup. I am not naive to this fact. But will every single student or even the majority? This is not about absolutes but just about thinking what this sign says to people.
    I challenge you take a look at the signs around your school. They often say a lot more than what we notice at first glance.


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