The Difference Between “Change” and “Meaningful Change”

    Some change sucks and it is why a lot of educators hate it.  
    Many educators see change as being done for the sake of change, and to be honest, in many cases they are right. There are way too many initiatives that happen in education that we quickly abandon because they are not seen as useful. Time is the most precious commodity we have, and once you give it up, you can’t get it back.
    In a conversation I had at a conference, one of the participants said, “People aren’t afraid of change; they are afraid of doing something that is worse. Every moment we have is crucial.”
    They do not see it as meaningful to what they are doing or helpful to their students.  Meaningful change goes beyond the notion of “change for the sake of change”, but “meaningful change” is a way of moving to something better”.  
    The notion of “meaningful change” is crucial; it promotes us to understand if the change is better than what we were doing before.  It makes us dig deep and think critically about what we are doing, and what is important.  If we embraced every change that came our way, we would all be riding segways (that never happened).
    Just be thoughtful of when you talk about others and yourself embracing “change”; if it is not meaningful and leading something to better, it will be simply seen as a waste of time.  When we look at change, we have to ask and understand, will it lead to something better? If you can’t figure that out, it might not be worth implementing in the first place.


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