The #InnovatorsMindsetMOOC (September 2016)

    This is an idea that I have been passing around in my head…One of my goals is to develop “The Innovator’s Mindset” as the norm in our schools, but that can mean different things to different people.  By bringing people together, pushing our thinking, and creating something with what we learn, I hope that this is a chance for people to go “beyond the book”.  Check out the initial draft below (or this google document).

    The #InnovatorsMindsetMOOC (Coming September 2016)
    This is a rough draft of a project that I want to run starting in the middle of September.  This would be centred around the book, “The Innovator’s Mindset”, but would go beyond simply a book study.  The hope of this project is the following:
    Help to further innovation and the notion of “The Innovator’s Mindset” in schools across the world.
    Build a global community that can support the pursuit of innovation in education.
    Encourage participants to go beyond reading the book, and creating something because of it.
    Develop communities within your own school
    Initial Plan
    The initial plan is to have a weekly Google Hangout that will be available both live and after the fact, with different guests to discuss “innovation in education”, while also taking participant questions.  During each week, participants would be encouraged to blog their own reflection either using prompts that are provided, or going into their own spaces.  This creates a great opportunity for people to share their own reflections in different formats.  Always wanted to create a blog? This is the time.  Want to start a YouTube channel or podcast?  Here is a great opportunity to not only create it, but share it with a global audience.
    At the end of the time of the project, participants will be encouraged to share some type of final “project” or “reflection” based on something that they have done because of the book.  These will be collected and shared with others as well.
    Spaces Used
    A Facebook group, Twitter hashtag (used for a slow chat), will be spaces that will be led by the moderators.  Other spaces can be developed and shared by participants (Voxer groups, Google Plus Communities, etc.) to use that are most beneficial to their own learning, but we still want to develop the initial spaces.
    September 17-24
    September 24-October 1
    Part 1: Innovation in Education
    October 1 -8
    Part 2:  Laying the Groundwork
    October 8-15
    Part 3: Unleashing Talent
    October 15-22
    Part 4: Concluding Thoughts
    October 22-29
    Project Presentation
    What you will need to participate:
    A copy of the book.
    A blog or space to share longer thoughts.  This could be, but not limited to, a YouTube Channel, collection of Google Docs, Medium Page.
    Suggested that you can connect on both Facebook or Twitter, although one is sufficient if it becomes overwhelming.
    As this idea is still in “beta”, I am interested in how many people would be interested in signing up, and where you are from.  The hope is to make this a truly global opportunity.  
    If interested, please sign up here, and we will send an email notification when the group is officially about to begin.
    Moving Forward
    Participants are encouraged to share with administrators and colleagues in order to aid in creating innovative environments within their own schools.  This can help in creating a space both online and offline to further discussions within your own context.
    The more of the opportunity that participants get to connect both globally and locally, the more beneficial it is for our students.
    Thanks for your interest! The document is open to comments so please feel free to add any suggestions to make this a great experience for yourself and others.


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