A “traditional” practice in education is not necessarily bad.
    A “bad” practice is bad.
    There are some things that teachers have done year after year that have worked for students.
    There are some things that teachers have done year after year that have worked for the teachers, and not necessarily students.
    The point of “innovation” in education is not to change everything. It is to find new and better opportunities when they are needed.
    The point of “The Innovator’s Mindset” is not to change all that you see in front of you; it is to have the willingness to identify what doesn’t work and to either find or create something that does.
    This all being said, something that has worked in the past might not work now, or work for kids in the future.
    But just remember “bad practices” and “traditional practices” are not necessarily the same thing.  They can be, but it is always in the best interest of our students to identify what works, new or old. To change for the sake of change is not a strategy for success.  Amazon still sells books. They also do other things that work that they didn’t do at first. Things change. Things stay the same.
    If you are pursuing being innovative all of the time, you might overlook the “traditional” stuff that worked.
    The key to all of this is just to keep asking questions and focus on your growth. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable.  Every student, class, and colleague you serve is different; adjust accordingly.


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