“…when you know better, do better.” Dr. Maya Angelou #IMMOOC

    I was inspired by this post from Brady Venables, and especially this paragraph:
    My biggest pet peeve is when I hear people speak of wanting to provide students the same education they received.  This is a crime.  Insisting that we change our education to fit today’s kids and world doesn’t mean that the educations we received were bad, it just means it was different.  In fact, the education of the 40 year old teachers may have been innovative then but insisting that we continue to teach this same way implies that we aren’t giving our kids innovative education now.
    I like how she points out that education at the time we went to school, could have been innovative for that time! Not necessarily now.
    Look at the new iPhone 7.  People are complaining that it is not forward thinking enough, and I get that. But compare it to when the first iPhone came out and some people were saying it was one of the best inventions of that year (2007).  To put that into perspective, it had no camera, no app store, amongst many other components that we now expect to be standard.  How quickly things change.
    I heard this quote once and it has always stuck with me…
    We expect innovation in every organization except for the one that we work in.
    One thing I truly believe is that if we know better, we have to do better. In a world where information is abundant, the only reason we don’t know better is we choose not to look.
    We need to expect more from ourselves as well as education.  We can create something so much better.
    UPDATE July 2019:  At the time I wrote this in 2016, I was unaware of the Dr. Maya Angelou quote, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” Thank you to Courtney Miller for pointing this out and apologize if my words were too close to Dr. Angelou. I have also updated the title to reflect the Dr. Angelou quote.


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