You Never Know Where Your Idea Will Go

    I spent a great deal of the holidays listening to music, whether it was on Vinyl at home, or exploring Apple Music with my newly acquired subscription to the service.  Once I realized that basically all my devices didn’t just have access to the vast library through Apple Music, but also all of the music I have downloaded since 1999 on my computer, I was blown away. Growing up with two older brothers, I spent more time listening to the Police when I was 5 years old, then I did the Muppets with John Denver on 8track.  If I am working, working out, or just chilling at home, music is on, whether loudly blaring or in the background.
    But in 1999, I remember buying a computer that was almost $3000 and calling my brother at the time asking if he thought that buying such an expensive computer was a good idea at the time.  When I told him that the hard drive had 20gb of space, I remember him saying that I would NEVER use that amount of space.  Even though it seemed a bit much, I decided to go with it.
    A little bit after that, I fell upon Napster (started in 1999) and was blown away at the service.  Basically any song that I had wanted, now at my fingertips.  When I think about that service then, and look where we are today in terms of how we access music (legally) and how listening to music has become so much easier.  I wonder if when Napster was formed, they wondered if it would change everything in the music industry?
    What may seem like a small idea to someone, could be the thing that turns everything upside down.  For example, I have heard people say things like “Genius Hour” should be more than an hour, and I would agree, but I would also say that an hour is better than none.  Do kids experience something like this and does it change their view of learning and possibilities?  Do teachers experience this and does it change their philosophy of education and get them to really rethink the purpose of school and the true power of learning? Without the willingness to try in the first place, we have no idea what could possibly change.
    Whether you disrupt an institution, someone else, or even yourself, we have no clue how far an idea can truly go, unless we are willing to try something different.
    Keep innovating.  An idea can make a bigger impact than you might think.


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