Finding a Way

    I love this little video on how the “desk” has changed over the years:

    (Originally from
    I was reminded of this when talking to a superintendent in the United States about why so many school districts south of the border are going one-to-one with technology, yet it seems rare in districts in Canada. What many will say is that they do not have the “funds” to make this happen, but is it truly a priority? If the plan is to provide a device for every student AND continue to do what you have always done, then obviously the money won’t be there. Yet, if this becomes priority, we will have to rethink some of the traditional “budget items” that we have had in schools (textbooks, agendas, etc.). As you can see from the video above, all of these things can exist on one device.
    If leaders want to truly make this happen, they will find a way.  What I always note to groups that I am working with is that someone, somewhere, is doing the exact thing that many say they can’t do.  When it is priority, people find and figure out a way.


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