Learning should be like…

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    I look at all of the open links and tabs in my browser right now and just thought about how much I have learned in the last couple of years through this process.  Sometimes all of connections in learning are baffling.
    Take a twenty minute period in my life as evidenced below.
    I read a blog post found in my Reader feed, which leads me to a link on YouTube, that leads me to a quote, which leads me to the person who stated the quote, to find a link on their Twitter profile, only to find another article on something that I would have never found myself.
    I could go on from there, and I eventually will, but it is just amazing how one item, leads to another, and another, and so on.
    That is how learning should be; continuous, connected, and meaningful.  If I wasn’t interested in what was under the first link, I would have found another.
    Yet we see so many textbooks in class and, although I find a real joy in reading, there is simply a start and an end.  Yes, your mind can go places and your imagination grows, but I don’t think that is limited to simply a book.  Sometimes the beginning to end process is great, when you are reading a book, but does it represent the model of learning we want in schools?
    You start grade 3. You go through grade 3.  You end grade 3.
    End of book and on to the next one.
    Shouldn’t learning in schools look more like the Internet than it does a book?
    Just some random thoughts on a Wednesday afternoon.
    Kind of reminds me of the video below…


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