Time is Short

    From the article, “4 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person”, Eric Barker shares some humbling ideas that make you think about how you approach life. He summarizes the article with these four ideas:
    These are four harsh truths that will make you a better person:
    You’re going to die: You have a deadline. Literally. So focus on what matters. And make sure to celebrate the good times. I’d rather have a shorter awesome life than a long, lousy one.
    Anything worthwhile takes more work than you think: Ever futz around an entire Sunday, not truly having fun and not truly accomplishing anything? And then you say, “What the heck did I do all day?” Well, you don’t want to be saying that about your life. Embrace the challenges and find meaning.
    You will never be perfectly happy: And you don’t need to be. Insisting on complete happiness is the surest way to stay unhappy. Be grateful for what you have and gently reach for a little more.
    People will let you down: You’re allowed to insist others be perfect the day you become perfect. Which is never. People will cause you problems — but they’re also the biggest source of happiness. Five-to-one is plenty good.

    These points resonate I wanted to post them in this blog not only to share with others but for my future reference.
    Based on this, here is something I am writing for myself.
    “Time is short. Use it to make a positive impact on others, knowing you will struggle along the way, and so will others that you encounter, but ensure that those closest to you know their impact on your life. Time is short.”
    I would love to know your takeaways in the comments. You can read the whole article here.


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