Where You Are Right Now

    I saw this picture on Imgur awhile ago, and I have it saved in my favorite images.

    This is a good reminder for us as individuals and as schools.
    For individuals, focusing on goals is essential, but the process and the journey are important and where you are now will only happen once.  You might be frustrated where you are at this point in some capacity, but if you slow down and think about it, I guarantee you are further than where you were before.
    For schools, we have to remember that although we need to keep an eye on the future, the kids in our schools and classroom are more concerned about right now.  Katie Novak said something to me once, and it has stuck in my brain.
    “This is the only year this group of grade three students will be in grade three. Give them the best experience possible.”
    Keep your eye on your goals but appreciate where you are now.  You will only be here once.


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