There has been a lot of talk about this video that was anonymously shared by a teacher from Chicago Public Schools:

    The outrage shared by many educators is that this is a terrible way of professional learning and it really undermines teachers.
    It is almost like we are treating them like children…right?
    I just wonder how many hits that video (over 130,000 at the time I am sharing it on this blog) would have received if it was a classroom full of students doing the same thing? Would people have cared as much? They should. I also wonder if someone in that session will use the same techniques with their own students? Often we teach the way we were taught and if we do not change the experiences teachers have in their own professional development, we can’t really expect them to change anything in their own classroom.
    The question I have been asking a lot lately is, “would you want to be a learner in your own classroom?”
    If this wouldn’t work for me (which it wouldn’t), then it is not going to work for my students.


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