If you’re wondering how to title an essay, Nerds have some great titles for you. Nerds often use symbols and figures of speech to come up with creative titles. However, it’s important to know that not all professors appreciate witty titles. While the titles of Nerds’ essays will blow their teachers’ socks off, they also come with a large amount of responsibility. Make sure to proofread your paper thoroughly before submitting it.

Clever wordplay

If you are writing an essay, a clever wordplay title can add spice to your work. Using words to create a funny title is perfectly acceptable, as long as it doesn’t sound silly. While it’s easy to use funny titles when you’re writing about a corny topic, you have to remember the audience that will read your essay. A cliched title can give the impression that your essay isn’t based on facts. That’s when you should reconsider your title and consider whether you need to tweak it a bit.

Literary theory has embraced two approaches to the study of wordplay. One approach sees wordplay as exceptionally poetic and almost magical because it’s untranslatable. The other is to examine it as a literary technique, which argues for the arbitrariness of the relationship between signifiant and signifier. If you choose to study wordplay, you should be familiar with the following two definitions of the term.

Figures of speech

One of the most common literary devices is a paradox. This literary device appears contradictory, but in reality is designed to highlight an important point. For instance, a quote by Oscar Wilde may suggest that life is too important to be taken seriously, while another could describe the extreme ecstasy of falling in love. In either case, understanding literary devices can help improve the quality of your academic writing.

In literary work, a figure of speech is a phrase or word with a separate meaning. Figures of speech are often constructed by utilizing literary devices such as alliteration, metaphor, and simile. Many figures of speech use these devices to create an effect in the reader’s mind that is not entirely literal. They are prevalent in literature and everyday language, and can be seen in greeting cards, advertising slogans, and cartoon captions. In the world of sports and jazz, they are also common.


One of the literary devices that nerds will enjoy writing about is symbolism. Symbolism occurs when one object represents another and carries with it non-literal meaning. A common example is the letter “A” in the novel Hamlet by Nathaniel Hawthorne, which symbolically represents adultery, and how it affects individual lives and society. Good symbolism essay title examples by nerds will be a perfect example of how to use symbols.

A good symbolism essay title will discuss what a symbol means and what associations it has in the original text. Be sure to back up your point with facts from the original text. Lastly, you should conclude with a summary of the main ideas of the essay. Good symbolism essay titles will draw your readers’ attention to your essay. Here are some examples:

Popular phrases

There are a number of popular phrases that work well as essays titles. Cliches are also effective headings. You can rewrite a famous quote to make it work as an essay title. It all depends on what you’re writing about and how your audience will interpret it. For example, if your essay is about becoming a vegetarian, you can choose a title like “Becoming a Vegetarian Is Not That Hard!” or “Why I Quit My Job to Be a Vegetarian” (this one might not work).

Another popular method of choosing a title for an essay is to use catchphrases. These catchy phrases are usually amusing and can create an interesting pun. You can also use a cliche if it is related to the topic of your essay. Try modifying the phrase to fit your subject and make it more unique. However, be sure to check with the instructor before deciding on the title of your essay. There are several ways to make it more interesting and memorable.

Using cliches

A major problem with using cliches as titles is that they do not convey an original idea. They tend to suggest an unremarkable, commonplace experience that has been used before. The same is true of “the devil is in the details,” which is not to be taken literally. And using cliches to title an essay may make it sound like the writer is merely recycling the same old topic or idea.

However, cliches can be effective as headings and titles for some types of essays. Clichรฉs make your writing and argument sound unoriginal, and often lack the specificity of evidence needed to support your argument. Try rephrasing a famous quote so that it fits the style of your essay. This may be easier said than done, but if you are looking for an original title for an essay, quotes are a great choice.

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