In a recent article, we looked at how to write an essay well for FCE. We looked at three key areas: Coherence, Using complicated vocabulary and grammar, and avoiding copying phrases from the input. To ensure the best possible score, you should use examples to inspire your own writing. Below, we have listed several tips to make your essay stand out in the test. This article will give you some insights into these areas and more.


Coherence in an essay refers to the degree to which the ideas and sentences flow in a logical pattern. Although it is possible to achieve this with a combination of devices, these methods are insufficient and do not guarantee that the text remains relevant. Coherence must be achieved through a comprehensive process of idea collection, outlining, review, and revision. In this article, we will consider some key elements of coherence and how they affect the effectiveness of an essay.

A successful essay requires proper use of linking words and cohesive devices, and a plan for how to structure the essay. While you may want to write an opinionated essay with strong supporting evidence, you should always remain objective. Only in the final paragraph should you express your opinion. Generally, essay writing is argumentative, so you must justify everything you say. In addition, ideas in an essay must follow a logical order and connect with linkers in a unified structure.

Using complex grammar

You should be able to use complex grammar when writing essay fce examples. A complex sentence is composed of two or more simple sentences. It makes the essay sound more coherent. You should try to use this type of grammar if you feel confident in it. Here are some examples of complex sentences. This will help you to improve your grammar score in the FCE exam. It’s also important to remember that you don’t need to be a native English speaker to use complex grammar.

Using complex vocabulary

Using complex vocabulary when writing essay FCE examples can be a real struggle. While it’s tempting to use nice words to show off your knowledge, it can actually backfire on you. Research shows that using complex words in an essay can detract from its meaning and make it harder for the examiner to understand what you’re trying to say. Here are a few tips to help you improve your vocabulary.

Start by reading sample paper FCE examples. The exam has six different types of texts, and candidates should practice writing each one until they feel comfortable with the format. You can find plenty of sample texts for each category online. If you don’t want to buy sample papers, you can also extract the questions and topics from the official website. In addition to reading sample papers, practice writing and rereading them can also improve your performance.

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