There are several ways in which to write your what are your weaknesses examples essay. For example, you may want to list your lack of initiative or disorganization. Depending on the problem, it may even be a character trait that needs to be addressed with professional assistance. Disorganization can also be a problem of motivation and lack of discipline. Whatever your reasons, you need to identify and work on the weakness in your life.


While disorganization is not a character flaw, it is a characteristic that can have negative consequences. Disorganization can be an attention deficit disorder or a personality trait. If this is the case, it is best to get help from a professional. If this weakness affects your job performance, it is still manageable. Listed below are some tips to overcome this weakness and increase your efficiency.

Lack of motivation

If you feel like you have a lack of motivation and have a hard time achieving your goals, it may be time to examine your lifestyle. Are you always late for work? Do you not want to start a new project? These are all reasons why you might lack the motivation to complete certain tasks. You can strengthen your self-discipline and willpower by finding the reasons why you are not motivated.

Inadequate motivation can be the cause of many problems, ranging from mediocre performance at work to unhappiness. Lack of motivation will hinder you from pursuing your goals, leading to a life of indifference and passivity. By contrast, enthusiasm and motivation can boost your self-esteem and bring you strength and power. The more motivated you are, the less likely you are to dwell on your problems, instead focusing on finding solutions and ways to achieve your goals.

Lack of discipline

Although some students are simply disorganized, it is important to be specific about working on this weakness. It may be a character trait or something more serious, such as attention deficit disorder. Disorganization is a negative character trait that negatively affects consistency and performance levels. If you’d like to write an effective essay to address your weakness, make sure you know the exact characteristics of the problem and how to remedy it.

In order to avoid this weakness, you must first improve your health. If your body is in poor health, it will be harder to follow a disciplined lifestyle. Similarly, if you have no goals, it’s easy to drift and not accomplish anything. Your self discipline will suffer if you don’t make sure you have an aim. It’s also likely to be affected by lack of motivation and ambition. But there are ways to overcome these shortcomings and become more disciplined.

Lack of leadership

As a leader, you may have the tendency to make bad decisions. It is natural to make mistakes, but the key is knowing how to fix them. Effective leaders find creative solutions to obstacles before they become insurmountable. As a leader, you must identify your weaknesses and create strategies to overcome them. Without the right tools, it is very easy to continue wasting time, energy, and money. In this article, you will learn how to write a successful essay on why lack of leadership is one of your weaknesses.

When you have leadership shortcomings, you should not feel ashamed. Rather, work on improving it. Do not give up or dwell on your shortcomings. If your weakness is more severe than you can handle, it might be time to seek help. Ask your friends and family who possess different strengths and weaknesses to help you overcome your weaknesses. They may also be able to give you valuable advice. Lack of leadership is one of your weaknesses examples essay

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